One-liners from Seth Godin, Live in Atlanta

“The currency of this era is connection.”

“The Apple iPad is a piece of jewelry that happens to do something.”

“37 Signals Basecamp product is successful because it connects people. Their asset is not their code base, its the community of people who would miss them if they were gone.”

“The purpose of the product is to create the conversation.”

“Krispy Kreme’s competitive advantage was scarcity. When they decided you could buy them grocery stores, they destroyed that.”

“Your watch is a holdover from the Industrial Revolution.”

“A resume is proof that we are good a compliance. Its even full of brand names.”

“Be a corporate insurgent.”

“Anxiety is nothing more than experiencing failure in advance.”

“Did you notice nobody ever gets ‘talker’s block'”?

“When the resistance says: ‘Don’t do that,’ then that is what you should be doing. Its the lizard brain telling you ‘no.’

“Leading is saying: ‘I’m going this way, come along!'”

“If your ideas spread, you win.”

“You have an opportunity to go back to being human and connecting with people, instead of just being a cog in a wheel.”