• juul

    How can I access the /etc/sysctl.conf file?

    • cosjef

      You need to enable SSH if not yet enabled. Then connect via SSH to the Diskstation to access the file.

      • Juul

        With puty I can connect to my synology, but I don’t know how to edit the file with puty. I also tried FileZilla but I can’t access my synology…. ‘Connection closed by server with exitcode 1

        • cosjef

          Putty lets you connect to the Synology. You need a command-line editor to do the editing of the file. Once SSH’d to the Synology box, try “nano /etc/sysctl.conf”

          • juul

            I get the message -ash nano: not found

          • Supo Orimogunje

            The question being asked is how this is done. I also will like to know how to make synology run a script, and I have searched high and low on google, and nothing seems to come up. All you get is something like “insert this script in your /etc/sysctl” bla, bla, bla; How is this done? A beginner needs more than this!

  • juul

    ok thanks

  • John

    Thanks, handy, a comment

    “/usr/syno/etc/rc.d/S56synoindexd.sh stop”

    should be

    “/usr/syno/etc/rc.d/S66synoindexd.sh stop”

    but if you chmod and reboot after it, then it doens’t make a difference.

  • Juul

    Hi, i finally found out how to edit the /etc/sysctl.conf file. Is it correct that you only see this line:





    I have a synology DS213 with 512 ram, will these tuning setting work for me as wel?

  • GW

    Are there any changes to the network values if you have installed more memory in your Synology? DS412+ with 4GB of RAM. I changed my MTU as well to 9000Bytes. My Macbook Pro screams on a write, about 1GB every 9 seconds. My PC laptop does not get near the same performance. thanks.

  • JohnJ

    I have a Synology 213J that I used for the same two purposes: file storage and CrashPlan. I find, however, that even though CrashPlan is running natively, on a gigabit network in the house, and have a 10mb upload pipe, Even with the rest of the household turned off I can’t get better than 3 mbps upload from the NAS at best, and usually sitting somewhere around 2mbps. I would love for this box to take advantage of more of the pipe when nothing else is going on, but have not been able to find settings in either CrashPlan or Synology that would get this rolling. The 213 has 512mb of RAM in it, and I don’t ever seem to use more than about 30% of RAM at any time. What did you do to increase your throughput to CrashPlan?

  • Tomasz Wiszkowski

    Wonderful, i just saw 80MBps upload for the first time ever.
    Thanks for the sysctl tweaks! Particularly useful for everyone with Dual LAN stations!

  • Pete

    Awesome, this fixed my problem of copying going down to 4 MB/s. Now having between 50 and 100 again (depending on filesize ofc). Thx!

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