Real-world networking speeds

A 100 Mbit connection has the theoretical maximum bandwidth of 12.5MB/sec. Actual speeds are lower because of overhead and other factors. Expect to see a maximum of 7 MB/sec.

Gigabit (1000 Mbit) has a theoretical maximum bandwidth of 125 MB/sec. Expect to see actual speeds up to about 90 MB/sec in real life.

Take a minidump without breaking a process

Lets say you want to take a dump of an IIS application pools. Login to your server, open a command prompt, and run the following command (where the -p parameter is the PID of the application pool)

ntsd -pvr -p 1640 -c “.dump /ma /u w3wp.dmp; q”

This will popup another DOS box with a variety of ntsd debugger information flashing by. It will look like this:

The window will eventually close, and you will be left with a dump file in the root of your C: drive, like this:

You now have access to a minidump to open with WinDBG.