SharePoint is mostly unmanaged code!

From Hristo Pavlov’s Blog

“Almost all read/write content/metadata operations that you do using the .NET SharePoint object model use unmanaged class to do the job. This unmanaged class is called SP.SPRequest and is used from .NET via the SPRequest internal class. The class is implemented and exposed by the OWSSRV.DLL library and has almost 400 methods. Because the SPSite and SPWeb objects have a reference to unmanaged objects you must keep the number of SPSite/SPWeb objects that are active at the same time to a minimum and should dispose them as soon as you have finished using them. You can monitor the creation and disposal of SPRequest objects via the ULS log/”

Location of the SharePoint Index File

Drive Letter:Program FilesMicrosoft Office Servers12.0DataOffice ServerApplicationsGuidProjectsPortal_ContentIndexer

E:Program FilesMicrosoft Office Servers12.0DataApplications6fdca65d-06ea-4642-ad5c-727c4438de0dProjectsSearch

This folder contains .bsd, .bsi, .ci, .cix, .csd, .csi, .dia, .dir, .lex, .wid, and .wsb file types.

Use it to obtain the ‘size’ of your index.