Cloning Oracle Application Server

Need to add another instance of OAS? Or maybe clone an existing instance of OAS to test something out? Here’s how you do it:
1) Stop all oracle processes in the existing environment.

2) Prepare the clone in the existing environment.
su – oracle
perl $ORACLE_HOME/clone/bin/

3) Compress the clone (outside the existing environment)
cd /d01/app/oracle/product/
tar -czvf oracleas.tar.gz

4) Create the home for the clone on the target machine.
mkdir -p /d01/app/oracle/product
chown -R oracle:dba /d01/app/oracle/product

5) Transfer the clone to the target machine:
scp oracleas.tar.gz oracle@usatl01la223:/d01/app/oracle/product

6) Switch to the oracle home directory, and uncompress the tarball.
cd /d01/app/oracle/product
tar -zxvf oracleas.tar.gz

7) Run the clone command on the target machine (MUST be done in GUI mode using VNC).
$ perl ORACLE_HOME=/d01/app/oracle/product/ ORACLE_HOME_NAME=OraHome_2 -instance forms_issac_uat_2 -ias_admin_old_pwd barfly -ias_admin_new_pwd barflea

8) Delete the cloned tarball to save space.
rm -f oracleas.tar.gz

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