HP management log from the command line.

If you have installed the HP PSP (Proliant Support Pack) on your Linux server, you can access most information via the web interface at https://localhost: 2381. However, if you at the command line, you can also access a wealth of server information. Thermal information, data on fan status and power, pci routing tables, and even the management logs are available at CLI. You can also enable or disable ASR (Automatic Server Recovery). Here’s how:

To see the integrated management log:
$ hplog -v

ID Severity Initial Time Update Time Count
0000 Repaired 14:23 06/06/2005 12:45 06/15/2005 0002
LOG: Network Adapter Link Down (Slot 3, Port 1)

0001 Caution 10:52 06/22/2005 10:52 06/22/2005 0001
LOG: System Power Supply: General Failure (Power Supply 1)

To check on the status of your power supplies:
$ hplog -p
1 Standard Pwr. Supply Bay Nominal Yes
2 Standard Pwr. Supply Bay Nominal Yes

To mark a particular item as repaired:
hplog -s REPAIRED -l 0001

To see all support options, type ” hplog -help”

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