Understanding what it means to be "bound"

I found this great post that shows, in simple language, how computer work is “bound:”

“Most of our daily tasks are IO-bound, including anti-virus, backup, database, and file copying.

Microsoft Office is human-bound. A faster computer won’t help you to type faster.

Photo, video, and audio related tasks (such as format conversions) are CPU-bound, as well as gaming and any kind of 3D work.

In summary, your tasks can be IO-bound, human-bound or CPU-bound.”

Minimize Firefox to reclaim RAM

This setting apparently only works in Windows, and it tells Firefox to reduce its memory usage when minimized to the taskbar. This can be helpful for anyone that runs multiple applications concurrently. Here’s how you do it:

1) Type about:config into the location bar and press enter
2) Right click any line to bring up a sub-menu
3) Choose “New” > “Boolean”
4) Paste this into the “New boolean value” dialog box that appears: config.trim_on_minimize
5) Click Okay
6) Select True in the “Enter boolean value” dialog box that appears.
7) Restart Firefox

Now open the Task Manager side-by-side with Firefox. Find the Firefox process and note the RAM usage. Finally, mimimize Firefox and watch the RAM consumed by Firefox drop dramatically.