Starting Chrome on a blank page.

As a new Chrome user, I wanted a plain, white blank page to start my web browsing. What I got by default was the Google tab view page. Here is how you set a blank startup page for Chrome:

1) Settings -> On Startup -> Open a specific page or set of pages.
2) Click Set pages to open Startup Pages window
3) Click the X to delete what you find there.
4) In the field for Add a New Page, enter: about:blank
5) Click OK to save the change.

Now completely close out of Chrome, and restart it. You should be brought to a blank page.

Sr. UNIX Systems Engineer (Vinings, GA)

My company, Virima Technologies is seeking an experienced Senior Systems Engineer for opportunity with a client in Atlanta, GA.

DESCRIPTION:  Senior Unix Systems Engineer with experience working in datacenters and hosting facilities.  “Hands on” experience with Solaris and/or RedHat is required.

10+ years of UNIX systems experience in a large, 24×7 environment.
Must have experience in a highly-available UNIX environment.
Experience and deep knowledge of Solaris 9 and 10.
Experience and deep knowledge of RHEL 4.x and 5.x in a virtualized environment.
Sun Blade Center hardware experience required; other high end server experience a plus.
Advanced experience with Veritas Volume Manager (VVM) and Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) or equivalent.
Experience with BIND, Sendmail, and Apache servers.
Strong knowledge of infrastructure services: LDAP, DNS, NTP, NFS, and DHCP.
Knowledge of multi-tiered application architecture.
Strong experience and knowledge of OS system internals: memory management, scheduling, TCP/IP stack, etc…
Experience and knowledge with Ethernet, multicast, vlan tagging, RDMA, etc…
Ability to compile Linux kernels and driver modules.
Strong knowledge of RHEL Kickstart procedures.
Strong scripting skills: Korn, Perl, Bash, AWK, Sed. Python skills a plus.
Experience with networking (subnetting, routing, etc.)
Experience with SAN storage (provisioning, switching, fabrics)
Experience with ITIL practices.
Ability to document project designs, process, and policies.
RHCT and RHCE certification a plus.
Problem solving brings you great joy.

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent education in related fields.
Certificates of training in associated fields/equipment

Contact Doug Bramblett

Unicode HTML space character

Use one of the following for a space: %u1160 or %u0020, for example: