Get contentdbid value

Here’s a shortcut to getting the db_id of the SharePoint content database:

“Go to Central Administration > Application Management > Content Databases. Select the Web Application that is of your interest, and then click on the database name. Once you are on “Manage Content Database Settings” page, you can see the ContentDBID in the URL.”

Or open SQL Management Studio and select a database in Object Explorer. Then click “New Query” and execute the following script: “select DB_ID() as [Database ID];”

This will return the Database ID.

More Logparser goodies

logparser -i:evt “select * from usatl01mw280Application order by TimeWritten desc”

logparser -i:evt “select TimeGenerated,EventID,EventTypeName,EventCategoryName,SourceName,Strings,Message from usatl01mw280Application” -o:datagrid

logparser -i:evt “select EventID,EventTypeName,EventCategoryName,SourceName,Strings,Message from usatl01mw280System” -o:datagrid

logparser -i:evt “select * from usatl01mw280System order by TimeWritten desc”

logparser “select distinct EventID,EventTypeName,Message from System” -o: datagrid

logparser “select distinct EventID, EventTypeName, Message, Count(*) as Entries from System group by EventID, Message, EventTypeName order by EventTypeName,

Entries DESC” -i:EVT -o:DATAGRID

Where to search for SharePoint GUID's

Seeing errors in your SharePoint trace log? Search the registry fruitlesslessly? Do a search of the XML files in this directory next:
C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12TEMPLATEFEATURES